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new visions

360° digital wallcoverings is a creative project by Industrie Emiliana Parati.
This is a new path, undertaken with passion, driven by the will and enthusiasm to offer a broader, more flexible and versatile concept of decorative solutions.
A global vision of the future interior design scenario leads to a continuous search for ideas, created to arouse attention and curiosity, elaborated with the usual quality and style.
360° because the application does not want to be limited to the residential world, but wants to suggest original proposals for other sectors such as hotel-contract, cinema, naval sector, commercial stores, etc…
The possibility to choose the type of support to print on (vinyl, fabric, fiberglass), as well as the possibility to customize the dimensions in which to develop the design, amplifies the concept of this project at 360°.

to each his own style

Each digital panel can be printed on the classic non-woven vinyl coated support or on more precious and particular finishing materials.

The choice can be based only on aesthetic taste, rather than on the technical functionality of the environment in which it will be applied.

360° tailored projects

During the design phase, ideas may arise that are not available in the standard market proposals.
360° Digital Wallcoverings can make them happen!
By digitally printing the customized image in the required dimensions and leaving the possibility to choose from a range of supports according to needs.
Dreams are particularly important to us and we try to make them concrete without neglecting care, attention and quality.
Once the project has been created, our team of professionals will be available for assistance to study its content, optimizing it on a technical and economic level.
Later on it will be possible to evaluate together the choice of the most suitable material to print on.
Our laboratory, equipped with the best latest generation technologies with water-based inks, will carry out the final phase of printing, cutting and quality control.

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