green choices

Designed for those who are sensitive to environmental impact and take care of their spaces, covering them with products that have a sustainable impact.
This support is totally PVC-free and then printed with absolutely non-toxic water-based inks.

velvet effect

The soft-touch vinyl base creates a particularly captivating, sensual and welcoming velvet-like effect to the touch.
Dressing the walls, it creates a pleasant cloudy effect with soft shading, suitable for enhancing the internal spaces.
It has an extremely pleasant decorative aspect and the latest trend sought after in the world of design for the innovative sensory experience it offers by caressing its reliefs.

reflex effect

The gold foil support has a shiny texture with a metallic reflection effect.
It represents the ideal solution for creating particular spaces, imaginative choices and for covering Internal spaces with an innovative approach.
The reflections and sheen typical of gold create a changing mirror effect and pleasant plays of light: the walls thus become vibrant, luminous and iridescent.
Only the selection of 10125, 10126, 10127 e 10128 panels can be printed on this type of support.

happy kids

Designed to decorate and enliven children’s rooms with a playful atmosphere, these panels with soft lines and pastel colors represent the ideal covering for places of their well-being, where they can dream and create their own fantastic worlds.
This series of panels also pays attention and sensitivity to their safety by being printed with absolutely non-toxic water-based inks.

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